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We work with newspapers & magazine publishers, providing production services that help generate revenue and improve efficiency and profit margins.

Our Services


AD BUILDING & Page Building

We've designed a service system that streamlines your production process, resulting in improved quality and efficiency while reducing costs.



We perform the work on all ad and page building, and access our team of talented freelance writers to provide all of the required editorial content for each issue.



An elegant and practical homestyle insert to attract upscale readers who have disposable incomes.



Our staff of graphic artists is trained in tools to provide creative solutions for catalogs, flyers, sales sheets, web sites, and digital data that can be repurposed by other distributors or customers.

Better, Faster, and Less Expensive

Running contrary to conventional wisdom, it is possible to get all three.  First, our graphic artists are of the highest caliber, many of them with decades of newspaper production experience.  They deliver work that is highly creative, and focused on results for the advertisers and on effective design for the newspaper.

Secondly, we are able to provide a 24-48 hour turnaround period on all ads.  This is achieved through full staffing and efficient management of our resources.

And finally, our costs are kept down by low overhead and a streamlined operating system developed through years of experience and know-how.  This lowers the cost to our clients, along with the additional savings enjoyed as a result of having minimal charge-backs or make-goods to advertisers.

The end result:  We work with our clients to manage and produce great ads and layouts, delivered on time, and at a competitive rate, every day.


Made in the United States

All of our work is generated out of our Southfield, Michigan headquarters.  We are not involved in any off-shore or contracted help in the work that we perform for our clients.

Happy Customers

“We wanted a high quality homestyle insert, but we would have had to start it ourselves, which would have been a huge undertaking. This program has given us exactly what we needed, but without all the headaches.”

Mark Mahagan

Advertising Director, Bowling Green Daily News

“Great for readers and to generate revenue. An impressive step by step process, the At Home program includes sales training in the field. Not only did we make our revenue goal, we delivered a product with a terrific reader response.”

Terri Ferragut

Associate Publisher, Fargo Home Inspired Magazine

“Farago & Associates has produced our newspaper for the past eight years. They have been a tremendous partner in upgrading the quality of our product and the efficiency of our operation.”

F. Kevin Browett

Chief Operating Officer, Renaissance Media Solutions

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