Ad Building and Page Building

Farago & Associates has designed a service system that streamlines your production process, resulting in improved quality and efficiency while reducing costs.

Run your business more cost effectively.

Eliminating inefficient processes

Maintaining updated hardware and software

Eliminating sick days, personal days, and vacation time

Adding skill sets current with market needs

Eliminating health care and payroll costs associated with production

Farago & Associates offers

State-of-the-art technology that supports all ad services processes

Elimination of IT infrastructure and capital costs

Centralization or consolidation of operations

Overall production cost savings

On-site support --- In sourcing


Farago & Associates will provide on-site personnel to help facilitate our production efforts on your behalf.  This methodology is called “in-sourcing”.

The number of people needed on site will depend on the scope of the assignment that we are given.  The key is that we have the immediate services of staff skilled as graphic artists and as customer service representatives.

Their main functions will be to act as liaisons with newspaper sales and production personnel, produce ads, and manage work flow between themselves and our Southfield, Michigan studio.  Importantly, they also will handle all immediate client needs as they arise.

We ask for our publishing partner to provide the necessary office space for these Farago & Associates employees.  The cost of all equipment, software, and office supplies will be the responsibility of Farago & Associates.

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